UATP Connects AFPs to Airlines

Accepting payments in the airline industry is not one size fits all. Credit and debit cards currently reign as the online payment of choice, but this trend is quickly changing. Preferred payment methods now vary greatly by country and region.

Airlines will thrive once they realize that accepting AFPs can expand reach and generate incremental sales. AFPs allow airlines to navigate the complex global payments market, which increases the opportunities for more completed transactions.

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Advantages of Using AFPs

AFP transactions continue to increase, accounting for over 59% of all transaction methods by 2017.  Grow revenue and capture more market share by maximizing UATP connectivity and connect to AFPs.

  • Grow new customer base
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Drive down costs
  • More payment options for consumers
  • Consumers feel more secure using their preferred method of payment
  • Lower fraud risk
  • Reduce chargebacks