APG Now Also Offers its Airlines a UATP Bill

Nov 7, 2017 | News

From TRAVEL INSIDE – 07/11/2017

The APG network has launched an issuer program for corporate customer billing for its more than 200 member airlines.
With more than 100 GSA agencies worldwide, APG now offers its more than 200 partner airlines a white label solution with the UATP card. This program is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized airlines that are represented in the APG network and who want to increase their share in the business travel segment.The fast-growing global business travel sector (+ 6% forecast for 2018) is still highly expandable for APG airlines.This so-called issuer program of UATP is intended for airlines that want to introduce a direct billing option with the companies as customers. UATP cards are used by many large companies worldwide for airline ticket payments, especially from their travel management teams. The UATP as a global form of payment is characterized by lower fees than for example credit cards. UATP was founded by the airlines and is still owned and operated by 31 airline shareholders. For Lufthansa, for example, AirPlus International is responsible for the UATP billing.

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