How far will you go for Level III data?

You shouldn’t have to search far and wide for information that helps you do your job. Our corporate travel payment programs provide Level III data for greater accuracy and detail. And our reporting tools help you keep costs in line.

Better travel management starts with UATP.

Why Corporations Should Subscribe to UATP

Receive detailed reports for air and rail travel.  Centralize billing and improve cost controls.  Manage corporate travel spend in less time with more accuracy.

Use UATP to maximize control
and savings:

Global acceptance

Easy billing reconciliation and improve cost controls

Receive detailed reports for all air and rail travel

Reduce T&E spending through better compliance of policies

Manage corporate spend in less time

Additional Benefits

No application, annual or foreign exchange fees

Track itinerary-level data, rebates, special fares and incentives

Automatic travel insurance with upgrade options available

Lodged accounts and traditional plastic cards available