CellPoint Mobile, UATP to expand mobile payment services

Jun 21, 2018 | News

The PayPers

CellPoint Mobile has partnered with UATP to offer UATP`s member airlines additional access to mobile and card-based payment options.

The partnership will provide UATP’s member airlines with access to ApplePay, adding it to UATP’s offerings for alternative payment methods (APMs) favored by travelers in different geographies.

Airlines that connect to UATP’s Ceptor – a universal link to support alternative forms of payment with their native formats using the carrier’s traditional transaction processing requirements – will now have access to CellPoint Mobile’s Velocity payment platform and its variety of mobile APMs.

Due to CellPoint Mobile’s transaction acceptance capabilities fully integrated with the UATP platform, member airlines will no longer have to undergo lengthy integration and development processes with the GDS and reservation systems they currently partner with in order to accept APMs.

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