Master Merchants

UATP allows transaction processing organizations that have a significant travel merchant client base to join UATP as a Master Merchant to enable their travel agencies and travel-related suppliers to accept and process UATP cards.  Typically a Master Merchant will carry out all claims processing and accept all settlement and clearing activity on behalf of their merchants.

UATP supports all Master Merchants by providing direct connection or web interface for claim submissions, authorization, transaction processing and settlement through UATP’s internal settlement solution, USS.

Master Merchant Benefits

Allow your Travel Agency Merchants to be Travel Resellers:  Allow your Travel Agency Merchants to accept UATP as form of payment for travel packages and agency service fees.

Allow your Travel-related Supplier Merchants to Accept UATP:  Allow your Travel-related Supplier Merchants to accept UATP as form of payment for sales of their products and services.

Improve your Merchants’ Customer Mix:  UATP Subscribers enjoy a higher credit worthiness and therefore will improve the quality of your Merchants’ clientele and number and volume of your transactions.

Lower Cost / Better Margins:  Earn more and save with UATP’s low merchant service fee on all UATP transactions, as compared to the higher rates charged by other T&E cards.

No Cost to You:  Acquirers pay no membership fees or annual dues for membership in UATP.

More Corporate Business:  Your Merchants are eligible to earn revenues from corporations around the world that use the UATP card exclusively to pay for their business airline and travel expenditure.

Better Customer Service:  UATP is a global product used by corporations around the world.  Your merchants can provide better service to their corporate clients by accepting the UATP card when it is their preferred form of payment.

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The Intelligence Behind Air Travel

Established in 1984, ARC’s journey began in airline and agency ticketing settlement—a business that now processes $88 billion in transactions annually.


IATA acts as a master Merchant for its BSPs

IATA Bank Settlement Plans (BSPs) are designed to facilitate and simplify the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents, as well as improve financial control and cash flow for Airlines using BSPs.

A truly worldwide system facilitating the settlement operations for airlines and agents, BSP operates in some 160 countries and territories. Over 80% of worldwide airline revenues are ticketed via IATA travel agencies in the BSP system.

As a UATP master Merchant, IATA enables their BSPs to process Travel Agency Service Fees using the UATP card as a form of payment.


All of Your Processing Solutions in One Package. JetPay LLC, is a Top 10* payment processing company in volume with a 14-year history. We recognize the need for a payment system built on object-oriented software that can keep pace with rapidly changing processing requirements to provide our clients with a competitive marketplace advantage.

JetPay combines real-time credit card processing, online payment capabilities, and merchant account services into one solution. JetPay operates its own front-end authorizations system, back-end clearing and settlement system and merchant accounting system. JetPay handles the transactions from end to end without third party involvement.

Merchant eSolutions

MerchantE is a full-service Merchant Acquirer that has been a partner of UATP since 2014. As a provider of financial services and credit card processing, MerchantE enables digital commerce and supports the money management needs of growing businesses.

MerchantE serves businesses directly and offers partner programs, with tools that enable partners to generate revenue from MerchantE products and services through models that include software integration, referral, and reseller relationships. MerchantE has 300+ employees and is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Wex Travel



Hotel and Car Rental Solutions

UATP offers a solution that allows corporate cardholders to purchase hotel and car rentals with their UATP card. The solution seamlessly extends the payment capabilities of the UATP card enabling the client to book their travel with their existing travel agency without any process changes. Corporate travelers will receive one consolidated travel statement for all of their air, hotel and rental car bookings from their respective UATP Issuers.


Settlement Through
Existing ACH Process


Simple Setup
To Enable TMC


One Bill Includes
All Transactions


No Change In Current
Payment Process

Airline Issuer Benefits:

  • Increase corporate spend volume with hotel and car hire
  • Settlement through ACH
  • No per transaction fee from WEX
  • Simple set up to enable TMC
  • No additional cost to Issuer
  • No change in current payment process
  • No change required to billing system
  • One bill includes all transactions
  • No physical plastic for travelers
  • Scalable product for other T&E categories

Corporate Client Benefits:

  • Simple set up to enable TMC
  • No change in current booking process
  • One consolidated travel statement (with air, hotel, rental car) from Issuer
  • No physical plastic required for travelers which reduces the risk of fraud
  • Set precise control on spending limits
  • Accurately track your expenses and budget with access to Level III Data
  • Reconcile billing statements with ease

The hotel and car rental solution is a partnership between UATP and WEX, Inc. WEX is a MasterCard Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Issuer accepted globally by any Merchant that accepts MasterCard. This solution addresses the travel payment needs of companies to help save time, drive down costs and increase productivity.

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