Airline Distribution 2019

Thank you to all attendees, speakers and sponsors for making Airline Distribution 2019 a great success!

Airline Distribution® 2019 is an interactive conference where audience members can contribute to the discussion and meet face-to-face with many of the industry leaders who are solving or working to solve the complex distribution questions facing airlines today.  UATP strives to create a neutral forum where executives from around the world will be able to gather for all-encompassing panels and information sessions about distribution.

19-21, March   |   Miami

SLS Brickell Hotel
1300 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130

Pictures from Airline Distribution 2019 held in Miami

Tuesday, 19 March  

Payment Solutions Forum and AFP Workshop
*For Airlines and AFP Partners by invite

18.00-20.00 Welcome Reception
Sponsored by APG
Altitude Pool Deck
Wednesday, 20 March  
08.30-09.15 Registration
Sponsored by WEX
George Foyer
09.15-09.25 Welcome Address
Ralph Kaiser, President & CEO, UATP

Airline Panel
Panelists will discuss the many opportunities and challenges facing the US leading airlines.

  • The US market/airlines are stronger than ever, what is driving this?
  • Digitization – how are airlines adopting this and to what success?  If not, why not?
  • How are your airlines driving the customer experience?
  • What are the biggest opportunities and challenges airlines are facing today?
  • The fight for market share – expansion?  New markets?  Corporate growth?

Ralph Kaiser, President & CEO, UATP
• Chuck Imhof, Vice President Sales – New York & East, Delta Air Lines
• Chris DeGroot, Vice President – International Sales, American Airlines
• Rob Brown, Senior Director of Sales Strategy and B2B Channels, Southwest Airlines

10.25-11.10 Opening Keynote – The State of the Industry
Lori Ranson, Senior Analyst at the Centre for Aviation (CAPA), will provide an overview of the airline industry and showcase what is driving success and presenting the opportunities and challenges across the globe.
11.10-11.30 Networking Break
Sponsored by EBANX
George Foyer
11.30-12.15 Transforming the Industry via Digitization
Sponsored by Trustly
Airlines need a digital roadmap to compete more effectively, does your company have one?  What transformation has been seen?  How does the travel industry appeal to the always-connected digital traveler in a mobile-first world? What digital tools are being developed to market and sell their products? How can airlines use technology to drive ancillary revenue? Who are the new players to distribution? The industry as a whole is changing; how is your company improving your distribution strategy?


Norm Rose, Senior Technology and Corporate Market Analyst, Phocuswright
• Anthony Toth, Managing Director – Digital Sales, United Airlines
• Andy Menkes, Senior Vice President, Global Client Solutions, BCD Travel
• Nicholas Young, Senior Director of Airline Partnerships, Hopper
• Eckart Reiche, Vice President Global Airline Sales, Wirecard
12.15-13.30 Lunch
Sponsored by ARC
Bazaar Mar
13.30-13.50 Focus on UATP
Learn the importance of UATP to the industry and all the offerings that UATP has.

Rachel Morowitz, VP, Alternative Forms of Payment, UATP

13.50-14.30 Keynote Address – Mark Twight
Audience members will hear from world-renowned climber, author, coach and trainer, Mark Twight. Mr. Twight will provide thoughts around team integration and various lessons learned from his inspiring background.
14.30-15.15 NDC
NDC is being promoted as a better revenue strategy, but is it? A recent study conducted by the Business Travel Show revealed that the number of buyers who said they don’t know whether new airline distribution strategies are a good thing increased from 39% in last year’s survey to 59% this year. Additionally, 41% of travel buyers admitted that they don’t know enough about NDC to make an informed decision about it. How can airlines better inform the buyers and how has NDC reshaped the way airlines sell?

Lora Ellis, Consultant, Festive Road
• Mark Kosikowski, Manager, Commercial Distribution, Air Canada
• Amine Boulaghmen, Head of IATA Settlement Services Product Portfolio, IATA
• Kamal Singhee, VP of Account Management and Head of Distribution for North America, Amadeus
• Jonathan Savitch, Chief Commercial Officer, ATPCO

15.15-15.45 Networking Break
George Foyer
15.45-16.30 Technology Revolution
Sponsored by Forter
Artificial intelligence.  NFC.  Blockchain.  Machine-learning.  What is the reality? ARC worked with United Airlines and Blockskye. Lufthansa with Winding Tree. How is the industry utilizing blockchain and where is it yet to go? AI and machine learning is being said to impact aviation in many ways from passenger experience to flight operations; will it? The panel will look at new technologies that have been leading the charge for change.

Philip Ziegler, Chief Technology Officer, UATP
• Steve Glenn, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Executive Travel, Inc.
• Dickie Oliver, VP & Chief Information Officer, ARC
• Sondra Feinberg, Sales Director, Forter

16.30-16.45 Close of Day One
Thursday, 21 March  
08.30-09.15 Registration
Sponsored by WEX
George Foyer
09.15-09.25 Opening
Ralph Kaiser, President & CEO, UATP
09.25-10.10 Focus on Latin America Airline Panel
The Latin American market is seeing a bounce-back from the challenges of recession. Full service carriers are fighting to expand their share; low cost carriers are also working to expand. More airlines are pursuing JVs within their alliances. How are airlines balancing competition within their regions? Who is winning? What is the market going to look like in several years?

Robson Rodrigues, Director, Sales Implementations, UATP
• Juan Sarmiento, Economics & Environment Senior Manager, ALTA
• René Medina Escamilla, Distribution Manager, Aeromar
• Juliane Castiglione, Commercial Strategy Manager, Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes
• Angel Porras, Distribution & Revenue Integrity Manager, Aeroméxico

10.10-10.50 On-Stage Interview
Sabre acquired Farelogix, what fostered this change of thought by Farelogix? Will end-to-end NDC-enabled retailing, distribution and fulfillment solutions be accelerated? What can be expected for the future? Hear from Jim Davidson, CEO of Farelogix, interviewed by Jay Boehmer, Editor-in-Chief, The Beat, BTN Group about ongoing distribution changes.
10.50-11.15 Networking Break
Sponsored by Wirecard
George Foyer
11.15-11.45 On-Stage Discussion
Join Brian Barth, Founder & CEO, Uplift and Ralph Kaiser, President & CEO, UATP in this on-stage discussion where the future of payments, installment payments and payment strategy will be discussed.
11.45-12.30 The Customer Journey
Shopping to settlement. How is the journey changing? What are airlines, airports and suppliers doing to meet the demands of the customer? Only 30% of customers consider themselves satisfied using airline websites; how can the industry improve on this pain point? In flight revenue remains a valuable revenue stream for many airlines, but only accounts for 5% of total travel spend. What’s being done to reinvent retail for the future? What changes do TMCs need to make to their business models and technology platforms to deliver consumer-grade experiences to their clients?

Seth Cassel, President, EveryMundo
• Jörg Troester, Head of Corporate Strategy, Industry & Government Affairs, Hahn Air Lines GmbH
• Julie Kyse, Vice President, Transport Partner Services and Air Optimization, Expedia Group
• Kristian Gjerding, Chief Executive Officer, CellPoint Mobile

12.30-13.15 Payments Panel
Sponsored by Worldpay
Payments continue to evolve with the growth of non-traditional forms of payments, regulatory issues and ancillary revenue. Airlines now pay almost $8 billion a year to process payments; what can be done to lower these costs? Panelists will discuss how creating effective payment strategies can help drive distribution and create maximum revenue.

Pascal Burg, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company
• Zach Ornelas, VP, Global Network Sales, UATP
• Thomas Helldorff, Vice President of Airlines & Travel Vertical Strategy, Worldpay
• Greg Thompson, Strategic Sales Manager/Channel Manager, WEX
• Bruno Pinto Oliveira, Vice President of Airlines, Elavon/U.S. Bank
• Sean Ashton, Commercial Director, Ixaris
• Miles Baum, Head of Travel, North America, PayPal

13.15-13.30 Summary & Wrap-up
13.30-14.30 Lunch
Bazaar Mar


Ralph Kaiser
President & CEO

Jim Davidson
President & CEO

Julie Kyse
Vice President, Transport Partner
Services and Air Optimization
Expedia Group

Chris DeGroot
Vice President – International Sales
American Airlines

Pascal Burg
Edgar, Dunn & Company

Steve Glenn
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Executive Travel, Inc.

Dickie Oliver
VP & Chief Information Officer

Sean Ashton
Commercial Director

Jay Boehmer
Editor-in-Chief, The Beat
The BTN Group

Miles Baum
Head of Travel,
N.A. Enterprise Solutions

Norm Rose
Senior Technology and
Corporate Market Analyst


Juan Sarmiento
Economics & Environment Senior Manager

Nicholas Young
Senior Director of Airline Partnerships

Andy Menkes
Senior Vice President,
Global Client Solutions
BCD Travel

Kristian Gjerding
Chief Executive Officer
CellPoint Mobile

Thomas Helldorff
Vice President of Airlines
& Travel Vertical Strategy

Lori Ranson
Senior Analyst

Eckart Reiche
Vice President Global Airline Sales

René Medina Escamilla
Distribution Manager

Anthony Toth
Managing Director – Digital Sales
United Airlines

Rob Brown
Senior Director of Sales Strategy
and B2B Channels
Southwest Airlines

Bruno Pinto Oliveira
Vice President of Airlines
Elavon/U.S. Bank

Greg Thompson
Strategic Sales Manager/Channel Manager

Brian Barth
Founder & CEO

Amine Boulaghmen
Head of IATA Settlement
Services Product Portfolio

Kamal Singhee
VP of Account Management and
Head of Distribution for North America

Jonathan Savitch
Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Kosikowski
Manager, Commercial Distribution
Air Canada

Juliane Castiglione
Commercial Strategy Manager
Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes

Philip Ziegler
Chief Technology Officer

Zach Ornelas
VP, Global Network Sales

Rachel Morowitz
VP, Alternative Forms of Payment

Lora Ellis
Festive Road

Seth Cassel

Chuck Imhof
Vice President Sales – New York & East
Delta Air Lines

Jörg Troester
Head of Corporate Strategy,
Industry & Government Affairs
Hahn Air Lines GmbH

Angel Porras
Distribution & Revenue Integrity Manager


Sondra Feinberg
Sales Director

Robson Rodrigues
Director, Sales Implementations

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