Airline Payment Products

UATP is a travel payment platform, building custom payment products for airlines globally. UATP is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our Issuers.

Prepaid Corporate Accounts

Prepaid corporate accounts allow issuing carriers, and its Joint Venture or Alliance partners, to offer special fares for upfront customer payment. This builds a strong, positive impact on corporate customer market share and loyalty, while improving the cash position of the airline.

Gift Cards

UATP’s strategic partners can provide airlines with UATP-based gift cards to offer directly to consumers. UATP’s platform allows for easy reconciliation and processing. UATP-based gift cards are channel agnostic – can be used online, with travel agencies, or at the airport. UATP’s gift card partner helps the airline manage direct consumer card fulfillment, reducing time-to-market and expense.

Consolidator Payments

UATP accounts can be issued to cruise lines, tour operators and consolidators.  UATP helps lower airline distribution costs with entities using a different, more expensive form of payment.  Accounting and reconciliation is streamlined, saving airlines time.

Government Travel Solutions

Our custom, designed for government travel solutions help carriers comply with cumbersome reporting requirements by providing the government with a transparent and flexible solution that streamlines their travel procurement operations and reduce costs. Increase your carriers business with government agencies. UATP streamlines the reconciliation process and can improve speed of payment from government.

Internal Travel

UATP can be used by carriers to facilitate staff travel, crew movements, or VIP travel. A centrally billed account provides optimal levels of tracking and control, and eliminates the need for paper-based vouchers.

Service Interruption Recovery

UATP can be used as a platform to provide customers with compensation for flight delays, interruption, or cancellation. Credits are immediately usable in any airline sales channel, mitigating the negative impact of the interruption and creating leads to incremental sales volume. This solution is easy to manage, track and reconcile.