Fast, reliable, and easy-to-use transaction processing

ATCAN is UATP’s central, global transaction processing system; a network that acquires data on behalf of members and consolidates within the UATP ATCAN system.

ATCAN supports multiple data input formats, such as CSI (Credit Sales Invoice), CSP (Card Settlement Plan) from IATA and ARC format from ARC.  ATCAN will automatically consolidate all UATP sales data from every Merchant, BSP, and ARC, and prepare an output for each Issuer on a daily basis.  All Issuers will receive their daily output files in CSP format.

With ATCAN, Merchants may submit UATP sales in electronic files from both their head and regional offices via ADNS, SITA, direct connections and/or the Internet.  An airline may have more than one location submit UATP sales data.  Each location should send one file per day.


UATP provides an automated data feed between UATP’s ATCAN System and IATA’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) platform to simplify the UATP billing and settlement processes for Merchants and Issuers.

UATP Merchants are no longer responsible for consolidating their daily UATP ATCAN reports and submitting claims for settlement. The interface will simplify this process as a direct feed from ATCAN to SIS and permits Members’ UATP claims to be automatically populated. The process can support claims settled through the IATA Clearing House (ICH), the Airlines Clearing House (ACH), the UATP Settlement Service (USS), or bilaterally.

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