Southwest Airlines to accept Apple Pay under deal with CellPoint, UATP

Sep 4, 2019 | News

Cellpoint Digital and UATP announced a multi-year agreement with Southwest Airlines to integrate Apple Pay as an alternative payment method for tickets and ancillary services like upgrades, meals, baggage check and other services. 

Cellpoint, a provider of digital payment services for travel companies, and UATP, an airline-owned payment network, have operated under a partnership signed in June 2018 that allows member airlines to offer mobile wallets and other digital payment systems. 

“Consumers have become used to paying with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay for the seamless experience and the simple check-out flow,” Kristian Gjerding, CEO of Cellpoint Digital told Mobile Payments Today, via email. “Airlines are becoming more and more like retailers and ancillaries such as bags, upgrades and meals are the highest source of revenue for those innovative airlines.”

Southwest uses the Cellpoint Digital mobile SDK, which allows Apple Pay to process the payment through the Southwest mobile app. 

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