The Big Story: Future Tense — Unlocking Blockchain Mysteries

Jan 13, 2019 | News

Distributed ledgers is a concept set to revolutionize the world of business – and business travel

By Keith Loria

The tectonic plates of technology are continually shifting and travel professionals know to in order to keep their footing, they need to stay on top of these ground-breaking changes. It isn’t only about improving their job performance; it’s about staying relevant in the field.

BTE’s latest Going Deep webinar explored three critical topics: The impact of blockchain on practically every aspect of travel management, how artificial intelligence makes traveler personalization smarter, and the creative ways chatbots are enabling and enhancing program compliance and traveler satisfaction.

The participants on the panel were John Packel, hard core decentralization developer with ConsenSys, someone who has worked on blockchain-based solutions in travel and loyalty, and Johnny Thorsen, vice-president for global travel strategy and partnership for Mezi.

Among the three topics covered, blockchain generated the most questions from the audience. Also known as distributed ledgers, this new technology is comprised of non-centralized (distributed) ledgers of cryptographically signed and verified transactions that are grouped into blocks of data to form chains of blocks. Hence, blockchain.

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