UATP University

Through UATP University, we offer airline personnel the training they require to process and promote UATP products.  For UATP Members that have joined the Network within the last 12 months, UATP 101 is offered free of charge.

Our basic course, UATP 101 is offered on a quarterly basis.  It is designed to provide valuable billing and settlement, compliance, and high level marketing information to all members.  Quarterly classes are offered at USD 100 per person.

Custom Courses

Customized UATP training classes are available upon request.  Prices are determined based on specific requests on content and on the number of UATP staff members required. Requests should be submitted in writing at least six (6) weeks before the desired start date.  An alternate date should also be included.

To submit a request, contact UATP Training and Compliance at +1 (202) 774-5051 or contact Lynn Sennett at