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Account Issuing

A new revenue source for Issuers

Invoicing and accepting payments from your corporate customers is already part of your business. But what if you could reduce the cost of getting paid and even earn revenue on those payments? UATP accounts are accepted for payment by Merchants worldwide. Issuers are authorized by UATP to issue accounts to businesses that meet their portfolio requirements.


Benefits of being a UATP Issuer

Differentiate your brand in the market with a convenient and efficient payment option and build customer loyalty. Shift share to your UATP program from other card brands, negotiate lower rates with other credit card programs and benefit from low fraud rates.

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UATP Issuer


Create New Revenue Sources

Globally Accepted Form of Payment

Lower Distribution Costs

Build Customer Loyalty

Eliminate Merchant Service Fees on On-Us Tickets

No Holdback when Settling via the Clearing House

Negotiate Lower Rates with Other Credit Card Programs

Low Fraud Rates

Shift Share to Airline’s UATP Program from other Card Brands

Online Billing and Reporting

Simplify billing and reporting with DataStream® and DataMine®

Manage invoices, view accounts, and report on account data anytime from anywhere with our online and mobile billing and reporting suite:

UATP DataStream
  • Account/card set-ups
  • Credit management
  • Payments and adjustments
  • Statements and Issuer reporting
UATP DataMine
  • Includes standard reporting and ability to generate custom reports
  • View available funds and billing statements
  • Control admin and user account settings


Settlement of UATP Travel Charges

Settlement of UATP claims can be done through industry clearing houses such as IATA Clearing House or Airlines Clearing House, as well as UATP’s own proprietary technology, USS.

USS UATP Settlement Services

How does an airline or travel management company participate in UATP?

There are two types of membership in UATP:

Merchants are airlines, rail networks and travel agencies that accept UATP as a form of payment. Additionally, travel agencies can charge service fees, management fees and net fares to UATP when they are a Merchant.

Issuers are airlines and travel management companies (TMCs) that issue UATP accounts to Account Holders and accept other Issuers’ UATP cards as a form of payment.

What are the benefits of becoming a UATP Issuer?

The four principal benefits to UATP Issuers are:

Savings: Issuers pay no discount fees when an Issuer’s own UATP card is used to purchase a ticket on that Issuer’s airline.

Revenue: Issuers receive a percentage of the ticket value for all tickets purchased with their UATP card on other airlines.

Data: Issuers receive valuable Level III data for all online and interline travel paid for with their UATP card, including who the travelers are, where and when they fly, and how much they pay to fly.

Relationships: Issuers can establish closer relationships with their corporate clients by using their UATP card program to offer targeted incentive and discount programs that meet each corporation’s specific needs, shifting a larger share of the corporation’s business to their carrier.

How do I become an Issuer?

For further information on becoming an Issuer and the benefits of being an Issuer, visit our Issuers page or contact us.

Does UATP provide any training for Merchants and Issuers?

Yes. Courses are open to new and existing Merchants and Issuers, as well as customized training to meet the specific needs of a carrier. New members can attend UATP 101 for free in the first year of membership.

UATP talks about Level III data – what is it exactly?

Level III data is defined as ticket level data (or PNR data) and includes the following
fields of information:

  • Currency Type
  • Agent Numeric Code (IATA Number)
  • Ticket Number
  • Date ticket was Issued
  • Cost of ticket
  • Point of Sale Name
  • Place of Issue
  • Passenger Name
  • Customer File Reference
  • Flight Date
  • Flight Segments (e.g., DCA-SEA-DCA)

This information appears on the invoice provided by UATP to the corporate client.

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