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Uber for Business integrates AirPlus payments


Business travellers who want get rides with Uber for Business and pay through AirPlus, can requests a ride via the Uber app, and payment and billing take place in the background with AirPlus. The same applies for other Uber for Business offerings like access to meal orders or other deliveries.

Making travel easier

For companies, this partnership eliminates the need for time-consuming billing with physical receipts. Instead, they receive a precise overview of expenses with integration into their accounting systems. For their part, employees do not have to pay in advance and then be reimbursed afterwards via a travel expense report. Instead, payment and settlement are made using the AirPlus Company Account already stored in the system, which means that settlement works in the same way as the entire booking process, seamlessly. In addition, the central payment ensures that trips comply with travel expense guidelines, and companies gain full control over their costs, including detailed evaluation options.

Officials from AirPlus stated that with the Company Account as a central billing account, companies have already been able to pay for air and rail travel, rental cars, and hotel bookings. By integrating with Uber Wallet, companies will now benefit from bundled billing and reporting for rides with Uber and other Uber solutions as well. From now on, corporate travellers can request their rides through the Uber app while the payment will be handled centrally and automatically via the AirPlus Company Account.

Technical details of the partnership and availability

Uber for Business with AirPlus as means of payment will be available globally, in all markets where the Uber app is available and where AirPlus operates. Acceptance will first start in the US and the Eurozone, followed by Mexico and Australia. After that, other markets will follow.

Billing will be settled via the global payment network UATP. Uber is one of the first rideshare platforms to join the UATP Network, and AirPlus is one of the first issuers in the UATP Network through which Uber can be billed.

UATP’s representatives explained that this is significant for AirPlus as one of the first UATP Issuers to offer acceptance within the Uber Wallet, and AirPlus customers will benefit from the expanded usage of the AirPlus Company Account. Acceptance will begin in limited markets and expand globally throughout in the near future. The demand is already strong, and the first customers are being onboarded.

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